Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Thousand Colors for the Children of Abruzzo

I was reading Tanya's blog, and she mentioned a project her friend Roberta is doing for the children in Italy affected by the earthquake. Roberta is looking for quilters to make bright, colorful quilts for the children in Abruzzo, 48x60". Roberta and her husband will be delivering the quilts personally. Her blog is written in Italian AND English, and she will email you the details of the project.

I have some brights in my stash, so I'll be looking through there later. I think a simple one-patch, or disappearing 9-patch would be fast. My blogless friend Cathy and I are going to make quilts this weekend. The deadline is July 15, but Roberta says it can take from 7-30 days for mail to reach Italy. So I'd like to get going on this.

This will be my first time joining in something like this. I'm sorry for the need, but excited to help. If you can, please consider joining us!


Anonymous said...

Good for you guys! I think it's great your putting your talent to good use!

Tanya said...

Hi Allie. Thanks for helping with this!


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