Monday, April 6, 2009

Picture Heavy Post!

Mum and I went visiting tonight, to our friend Shirley's house. Shirley is my spark - she's the one who taught me to quilt, be creative, dare to be different. Over the years we've spent many happy hours brainstorming and creating. I love her to pieces. She's my adopted mum - her daughter was my friend since 6th grade, and I always wanted to trade homes. So did my friend, lol.

Shirley had called me and told me she grabbed a shirt from her hubby and painted it. I couldn't WAIT to see it. Here it is:


PICT0022 2

PICT0027 2


She really astounds me, lol. She took off part of the collar and sleeves and added the turquoise fabric, and changed the buttons.

She also has a lovely sewing room, with interesting occupants.

PICT0030 2

PICT0031 2

Those are Lulu and Zulu. There's another smaller one in the living room named Oolu. She also collects masks from all over the world.

PICT0035 2

There are closer pics on the flickr pages. If you click on a picture, it will take you to the flickr page.

She also taught me how to do painted quilts. Her Picasso:

PICT0033 2

My head is buzzing with so many creative ideas after spending time with my lovely friend! Sorry the pics are so bad, it was dark - I'd love to go to her house with a good camera and bright daylight. There are more pics of her masks and various things at my flickr.

Oh - Sam slept under his quilt last night - I forgot to get a pic of the whole thing done. I'll try to remember tomorrow - I must get pics of my quilts, lol!


Pam McL said...

WOW! I mean....
How could you *not* walk away creatively sparked? That's great!
Whatcha gonna make now?

susan m hinckley said...

There's nothing better than a friend who inspires creativity! And often they have no idea how meaningful their inspiration can be to us, don't you think? I've been blessed with several such associations over the years.

I also wanted to tell you that I LOVED your black-and-white painted quilt a few posts back. LOVED IT!!


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