Friday, April 3, 2009

Lots to Post Today

I went to Russell's service today, online. It was amazing. What a lovely, stirring tribute to such a fine young man and his family. Please, keep them in prayer.

painted block for quilt

This is a [bad] picture of a quilt I'm making for hubby. These are machine embroidery designs from Embroidery Library - however, they are NOT suitable for quilting cotton. I tried everything I could think of to make them stitch out well, with no puckers, to no avail. I contacted Embroidery Library, and they suggested a denim or canvas-style fabric. Having just bought many yards of the buckeye cotton, I wasn't about to start over. So - I printed out the designs, traced over the lines with a black marker where the thread colors changed, and traced them onto the fabric. Then I got my acrylic paints and a WEE TINY paintbrush, and got busy. You can see on this block I had a smudge by the bear's nose - oops. It'll have to stay, lol. These are not easy to paint!

So far I only have 4 designs done. They get harder. I'm not looking forward to some of them. I'm using regular craft acrylic paint, I've used it for years for painted quilts and it works just fine. After washing, it gets soft and like it's dyeing the fabric. I do heat set, just in case, but have you ever tried to get paint out of your clothing? I can't afford the pricey [but oh so lovely] specialty paints out there, so this has to do. Usually I only use it for wallhangings, things that won't get washed a lot, so this will be an experiment in tenacity.

Hubby loves it. He wanted it embroidered, but likes it painted even more. The Design Pack is the Native American Creation Quilt pack. I love Embroidery Library, but not this pack.

Here is another painted quilt:

vintage clip art from dover

I used white muslin and just painted the black. I love the picture, but really wish I had heavily quilted it. I could NOT get a good picture of this quilt.

Here are a few more: this was the first ever painted quilt, it was six feet long and my own design. I thought I was so cool, lol. After looking at it for a few months, I hated it and threw it away.


These two hung in my bathroom. The turtles were kind of neat - I used fabric paints and made designs all over the shells. Also my own design. Also thrown away.


This one was a favorite. It was from a Laurel Burch poster or something. NOT thrown away, but given to my cousin.


One thing that I would do [and will do] differently now - I will seriously quilt my painted quilts. Back when I did these, I didn't have a machine, and hand-quilted everything. I quilted before painting. Now that I have a serious machine that will quilt through anything, I'm going to take advantage of it. Quilting would really have helped all of these, and I might not have thrown them away, lol.

Lauranie tells me that I have to tag 3 people. Now, I don't know you all very well yet - so forgive me if you didn't want to be tagged. And picking 3? I read over 400 blogs, dear ones. They're all stacked up in my google reader.

So I tag: Susan who makes me laugh so hard milk comes out in places it shouldn't, and makes the most amazing works of art; Allie because we share a name and she is uber-talented and somehow, modest about it [the girl can PAINT!]; and Pam because she has an amazing blog, and she's doing a Neighborhood BOM [way cool] and she lives near me and I might get to meet her soon. Ladies, you're supposed to list 7 things you love.



Sheri Howard said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I love your paintings they are beautiful. I especially love the black and white one...very nice! How can we be 50? Weird how time goes so quickly. I enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks :) Sheri

Lauranie said...

I cannot believe you threw these away!! I like them! I'm sure I am guilty of the same thing, you just get tired of looking at things and when you think back on what you could do now with it.... Maybe you could try embroidering on felt squares on top of the cotton? Did you try the clear water soluable stabilizer over the fabric?

Pam McL said...

You have **GOT** to be kidding me! You threw those AWAY!?!?!?!
Tell me it ain't so!


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