Thursday, April 2, 2009

I've Been Tagged!

Lauranie tagged me to list seven things I love. Only seven???? Gosh. Let's see.

  • First and foremost, my Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus. In Him I live, and move, and have my being.
  • My family. *smooooooooooooooch* You sustain me.
  • My friends - you make life worthwhile.
  • My oh-so-fat kitty. May your purr machine never be broken. You make me laugh daily.
  • The sound of my children's laughter. I'll do almost anything just to hear it, no matter how embarrassing.
  • Quilting. There is no work so satisfying as putting a needle to cloth, and wrapping someone up in something you've worked and prayed over.
  • Blogging! Who knew?

Ok Lauranie, I hope this is good! LOL! I have NO CLUE who to tag - I haven't been at this long enough - so I guess I'll go check out Donna and Elizabeth to see how they do! Back tonight with a peek at my hubby's quilt.

1 comment:

Lauranie said...

Sorry, I forgot to add that you had to tag 3 ppl! I amended my post! Kindershop tagged ppl who made comments on her blog, so there is a suggestion! Can't wait to see your new quilt! I am still loving the one you made from your son's drawings! It is so GOOD!


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