Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An Answer

Mary-Kay C. posted this comment on my last post:

What a cool idea. The colours are so bright. I've seen this type of quilt done but the colours were very muted. I like how you did yours. What a wonderful quilt and amazing that your son still uses it. Does he hide it when friends come to visit?

Mary-Kay, I tried to reply but you came up as a no-reply, and had no way to email you. So, I'll answer your question here! Cuz I really liked it. *G*
No, he doesn't hide his quilt! Pretty amazing, *I* think. I was a terribly self-concious teen, and my boys are totally the opposite. They have high self-esteem without pride, for which I'm awfully grateful. I think the homeschooling has done that. I remember the peer pressure in high school - ack. Their friends are also homeschooled, and they're all quite confident young men as well, and don't look at people funny like they have two heads. It's a new world to me.

I do love to reply to all of your comments - if you haven't recieved a reply from me, via email, it's because you're set to no-reply. I'm not sure how you'd change that, if you wanted to. I do read and treasure your comments!


Anonymous said...

I've had so difficulty with responding to comments on my blog too. I try to do what you've done and also answer on my own page.

Also a big thanks for stopping by my blog again. I've bookmarked you so I could get back. I really advise if you order squares make sure they're the same size even if they say die cut because mine said that but weren't. I ran into some small problems after the top was pieced. It wasn't a huge ordeal but would have saved me an afternoon of having to even up the sides. I;ll be back often :)

soggibottom said...

Have a really great New Year Allie.
x x x x


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