Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What's That on My Shoe??

Today was library day. EVERY Monday, for years, has been library day. Instead of searching the stacks though, we pick out books from the computer at home, and have them sent to our library. We've been through all the books at our small library, and they don't get new ones in fast enough.

PICT0005 2

But when we left, we weren't ready to go home. Instead, we went to a local small lake. So did all of Canada's geese population. And apparently they eat well there. The proof was on the bottom of our shoes.

PICT0012 2

It was nice to get out into the sunshine, and get honked at. C'mon spring, I'm waiting for you.


Lauranie said...

I so envy the disciplined moms who can homeschool! I thought about it when I was pregnant with my first, but soon realized that it is just not in me! What a lovely lake, even with the poop it looks like an awesome time! :)

DebMc said...

It looks rather spring-time-ish in your photos. Those are the types of geese which damaged that plane which then landed in the Hudson. Hard to imagine, isn't it?

Victoria said...

Sounds like a perfect day to spend with the kids, and reminds me of the outings I use to have with my girls when they were younger. :0)

Jenileigh said...

Wow, neat pics! Glad you had a good day. :)


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