Saturday, March 28, 2009

Swappy Goodness

Well that was fun! Look at the adorable towel Lauranie made - doesn't that just SCREAM spring? I love it Lauranie, thank you so much! Donna is hosting the swap, and included the wallet and coin purse and post-it note cover from herself. She made those on her embroidery machine! They are fabulous, Donna, I love them! The swap is ongoing, so if you'd like to join the fun, go visit Donna's blog!

I do so love the postman.

I finished basting my son Sam's quilt today, but no pictures of that because the batteries died in my camera. I'm going to quilt it tomorrow. It's very much like Russell's, but all blues. My older son has a quilt I made him years ago, a very large quilt, all hand-quilted. Let's see if I can find a picture of that:

This quilt was so fun. My son John was two when he started drawing and writing. This quilt has pictures he drew from the ages of two to four. I took white muslin, traced his pictures onto it, and colored them in with fabric markers. He supervised the entire thing *rolls eyes*. I quilted around all the pictures and words, by hand, about 1/4" between lines. It only took four years.

So, John has had a quilt all these years, and Sam has not. He needed one, right? But I told him sorry, I'm not hand quilting it! I quilted John's by hand because at the time, I didn't have a sewing machine. Now, I have my dream machines. Well, not THE dream machine - that would be a Gammill long-arm, lol. But I dearly love my Viking D1's.

Russell is still fighting, surrounded by his very large family. This time with him is a gift from God. Please keep them in your prayers.



Lauranie said...

I am so glad you like the towel! I was afraid that it wasn't "springy" enough! Thank you for the sweet comments and the link! Your quilts are awesome! I linked you to my page so I can keep up. I am so sorry about your loss...there really are no words. My prayers will be with Russell's family for a while.

Anonymous said...

Glad that we have had a few interested parties in the swap and hopefully more will join in. The next person will be receiving the towel Allie did.

When you click on the words "set of towels" at my blog it will feed to the actual post regarding the swap.

I will be posting the towels today on my flickr account and showing off Allie's item.


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