Thursday, March 26, 2009


Here is a picture of Russell with his quilt. Russell is in the ICU right now. The family would appreciate any and all prayers for him. Here's the update:
We have had another major set back.
Russell had a major "episode" Wednesday night at 11:00pm. It was either a seizure and posturing or most likely a combination of both. The posturing is due to a build up of fluid or pressure in the brain. The episode was quite long, emotional and very scary.
At this point he is in ICU, he is intubated and at this point not breathing totally on his own. He is getting for morphine for comfort, but is not in any pain. They are in the process of backing off on the breathing machine to see if he can breath on his own and so far he is.
Specific prayers are needed for Russell's comfort, our peace and decison making.
Thank you so much.
Deb, I want to thank you so much for showing me how a link works. I NEVER would have figured that one out!


Pam in Colorado said...

Praying for Russel and for all who love him.

Allie, I'm on HomeSchoolChristian and saw where it mentioned you started a blog. Good for you. The fact that you are up and running with photos is very impressive to me, since I've had a blog for going on 2 years now and can never seem to make the picture thing work. I had photos early on and then it all went downhill from there. By this summer I have to have my husband help me figure it all out again. I want pictures!!! ;)

Love the quilt you made Russel. Cute bag too. I'm still in the learning to sew stage. I have made about 20 bags/purses so far and a few odds and ends projects. No zippers yet, although I really want to do that, too. Ah, to have the time. One day. :)

Allie said...

PAM!!! I didn't realize you had a blog, I LOVE the title, lol! Email me and I'll tell you how to add pics, it's the easy part - getting the text to line up is harder, lol. I'm going to go put your blog in my google reader so I can follow it!


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