Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What's That on My Shoe??

Today was library day. EVERY Monday, for years, has been library day. Instead of searching the stacks though, we pick out books from the computer at home, and have them sent to our library. We've been through all the books at our small library, and they don't get new ones in fast enough.

PICT0005 2

But when we left, we weren't ready to go home. Instead, we went to a local small lake. So did all of Canada's geese population. And apparently they eat well there. The proof was on the bottom of our shoes.

PICT0012 2

It was nice to get out into the sunshine, and get honked at. C'mon spring, I'm waiting for you.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Russell's Legacy

Russell touched a lot of lives in his just-short-of-fifteen years.

Diagnosed with leukemia the day before his 4th birthday and then with a brain tumor a few weeks after his 13th, Russell has had what most people would call a rough life. Well, most people except Russell. During his 4+ years of treatment, faced with some of the most painful and unpleasant conditions and procedures humans ever experience, Russell riveted all who came near him with his courage, patience, and of all things, inexplicable grace.

Doctors, nurses, friends, family, even strangers. Most of them walked away from their time with Russell and report similar feelings. Why isn't he complaining? How can he be so willing? How come I feel better after being with Russell? For those of us close to Russell it is so obvious.

Russell knew Jesus.

Russell met Jesus face-to-face at 1:26 this morning. He was peaceful.

Make no mistake. Those of us left behind here at the hospital with Russell's empty body are hurting deeply. We feel a great loss. But make no second mistake. We have been blessed beyond words by the experience. At his side, we have laughed out loud and cried 'till we were dry. But we have known the Real Deal! We've been touched by greatness. We have known, right up close, a real hero in our lives. We have known Russell.

"Thank you" does not seem enough to say for your sustaining words and care but we do feel and mean it from deep inside.

Update: This was written by Russell's parents, not by me. Sorry.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Swappy Goodness

Well that was fun! Look at the adorable towel Lauranie made - doesn't that just SCREAM spring? I love it Lauranie, thank you so much! Donna is hosting the swap, and included the wallet and coin purse and post-it note cover from herself. She made those on her embroidery machine! They are fabulous, Donna, I love them! The swap is ongoing, so if you'd like to join the fun, go visit Donna's blog!

I do so love the postman.

I finished basting my son Sam's quilt today, but no pictures of that because the batteries died in my camera. I'm going to quilt it tomorrow. It's very much like Russell's, but all blues. My older son has a quilt I made him years ago, a very large quilt, all hand-quilted. Let's see if I can find a picture of that:

This quilt was so fun. My son John was two when he started drawing and writing. This quilt has pictures he drew from the ages of two to four. I took white muslin, traced his pictures onto it, and colored them in with fabric markers. He supervised the entire thing *rolls eyes*. I quilted around all the pictures and words, by hand, about 1/4" between lines. It only took four years.

So, John has had a quilt all these years, and Sam has not. He needed one, right? But I told him sorry, I'm not hand quilting it! I quilted John's by hand because at the time, I didn't have a sewing machine. Now, I have my dream machines. Well, not THE dream machine - that would be a Gammill long-arm, lol. But I dearly love my Viking D1's.

Russell is still fighting, surrounded by his very large family. This time with him is a gift from God. Please keep them in your prayers.


Quick Question...

When someone posts a comment [oh THANK you], what is the best, easiest and quickest way to respond? If you do post a comment, I'd love to acknowledge you and let you know I've read it!

Friday, March 27, 2009

I went to lunch yesterday with my friend Kathy. We stopped first at our local thrift store, and I found some bargains. The first picture is a couple of books I had to have - the red one is a sewing book from 1943, and has everything including how to make underwear for the family. Somehow I don't think THAT'S going to happen - but it's a lovely book, nonetheless.

Look at those illustrations - lovely! I don't know anyone who has a figure like that, but it's nice to dream.

The second book has lots of cute crafts. I'm loving the mushroom pincushions on spools of thread.

Then I found a vintage tablecloth. Please ignore the wrinkles, it needs washing and pressing. Then it'll go in the cupboard with all the other tablecloths that needed to be rescued.

The flamingo fabric is really children's jammies. The label is Nick and Nora - I love their stuff. I'm a flamingo nut, so these had to come home with me, although they're a wee bit small. *G*

And lastly, a purse that will really come in handy at the American Sewing Expo in September. Nothing like planning ahead. It's leather, and has loops on the back so you can wear it on a belt. I don't wear a belt. Maybe I can clip my keys to the loops.

I spent a whopping $10. My kind of shopping.
My friend Russell isn't doing well. I'll post the update from his care page here. Please pray for his family.....I cannot imagine what they're going through.
The mysteries of God
In opening this message, some facts seem appropriate… (1) Our family could not have endured our journey to this point without the outpouring of love, care, and tenderness from those of you who read these CarePages. (2) Our family will forever be changed, for the good, because of this journey. (3) God has ordained and guided Russell’s life for a greatness and deep lasting effect on our family and friends that cannot be fully explained in words today.

Unless God decides a different course in these remaining hours, Russell is going to be with Him very soon. It has been difficult beyond words to tell Russell there is nothing else we can do to “protect” him from leaving us. It is heartbreaking and unforgettable. There is no doubt we are all at peace (including Russell) about where Russell is going and that he will be there waiting for us. But the separation of the moment and the sadness of what Russell will miss, with us, on earth is a bit overwhelming right now. God knows of course, what it is like to lose a son and He knows the glory of the big picture. We are praying for His strength to help us endure the sadness and walk through this chapter in our lives. There is a joy and peace that passes our understanding, in knowing the Lord’s goodness and larger loving plan is beneath our sadness.

The neurology assessment based on all the brain wave data collected yesterday is that Russell is completely paralyzed on his right side and the remaining brain areas have profound and irreversible damage caused by the tumor and the 40+ minute seizure the night before. The doctors have exhausted their knowledge and skills. The Lord will decide where Russell goes from here. Unless God provides differently it is expected that shortly Russell’s body will be unable to sustain itself. Most everyone in the family is here at the hospital together and although we are torn up that Russell will soon be gone, we are at peace knowing he will be free of pain and standing aside Jesus joyously awaiting all of us.

Your prayers, love, and care continue to be so valuable.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Here is a picture of Russell with his quilt. Russell is in the ICU right now. The family would appreciate any and all prayers for him. Here's the update:
We have had another major set back.
Russell had a major "episode" Wednesday night at 11:00pm. It was either a seizure and posturing or most likely a combination of both. The posturing is due to a build up of fluid or pressure in the brain. The episode was quite long, emotional and very scary.
At this point he is in ICU, he is intubated and at this point not breathing totally on his own. He is getting for morphine for comfort, but is not in any pain. They are in the process of backing off on the breathing machine to see if he can breath on his own and so far he is.
Specific prayers are needed for Russell's comfort, our peace and decison making.
Thank you so much.
Deb, I want to thank you so much for showing me how a link works. I NEVER would have figured that one out!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Buttercup Buttercup

My gosh what a gloomy day. I had to run my mum down to the water dept - she was on shut-off. I don't know how she does it, she's the queen of the last minute. It did finally stop raining though, and we even saw a peek of sun.
By the way, if you like to drive your Rav4 through great big puddles, close your sunroof first. Just sayin'.

I made this bag yesterday.

If anyone can tell me how to add a link, and use a word instead of the whole link, I would greatly appreciate it!

Anyway, this bag went together very quickly and easily - great pattern! I like zippers in my purses though, so I added one.

I also used vintage buttons - one on the front, and one each on the handles. The pic of the handles didn't turn out, it's SO dark today. At least it wasn't snowing. Apparently that won't happen until the weekend.
Have a lovely evening!

My Quilt Companion

This is a quilt I just finished for a dear friend. His name is Russell and he's 14 years old. He has a brain tumor and is in the hospital right now. He loves surfing, so I added some surfboards. The very light blue blocks have bible verses written on them - I was going to do them in machine embroidery, but my embroidery machine isn't working properly. All the verses have to do with water.

This is Hermoine. She is my constant companion. Her favorite place is on whatever quilt I'm working on - I'm sure lots of you can relate! We also have a dog, Abby. I can't seem to find a picture of her. OOPS. Yes, I'm a cat person. I suppose I'll have to get a picture of the dog one of these days!
I'm still trying to figure out posting on blogger. This is fun! At least it will be if my post lines up properly, lol!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A New Adventure

I love blogs. I love crafty blogs, religious blogs, political blogs, short and tall, wide and small, I love blogs. After reading so many blogs for so long, I've decided to take the plunge and create one of my own. It will make commenting on other blogs SO much easier. So many times I've seen something stunning and wanted to post a comment, and couldn't - this will help.

And now to dust off the camera batteries, ask for Photoshop for my birthday, and get busy! I look forward to getting to know you creative people out there!


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