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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Starting Over

morning sun 

Good morning!  Don't you love the sunrise?  So much of my life went by without ever seeing it....boy, now I am.  I guess I'm making up for lost time, getting up at 2am.  Not that long ago, that was my bedtime!

So, my blog title is Starting Over....and in many ways, I am.  I've deleted my facebook accounts, both my personal page and business page.  Blogging is my only form of social media now.  I don't watch tv, and relied on facebook for news, following both national, international and local news there.  But you know, I didn't like the affect it was having on me....people on facebook get very judgemental (without having all the facts) and my local news was getting into the act, asking opinions on different events, like should someone go to jail - really?  It seems nobody gets a trial by peers in a courtroom anymore.  It was getting to me, and I was stressing out over it all, so bye-bye.

MUCH happier now.

Starting Over also has to do with my new job.  I'm really enjoying it, not so much the hours but the job itself is fine.  I worked 3 days last week, and by the time I got off work Saturday I was exhausted, going to bed at 4pm.  I'll get used to it, lol.

And now for the quilty part.  I've come to realize that my tastes are changing again, I have some ideas for quilts I want to make, and for some reason always see them in autumn colors, kind of primitive.  I'd like to start collecting Kim Diehl fabrics - her colors just glow - although my latest idea for a crib-size quilt uses rainbow fabrics.  I just got my background fabric from the FatQuarterShop.

It's Moda Marbles, Baby Blue.  Pretty!!

I finally got my new glasses, only took them 3 doctors and two tries to get them right.  No pics.

I started attaching the binding on my Garden of Contentment quilt.


I'm Starting Over with my sewing machines also.  I've retired my Viking, it needs work and I just can't afford it right now.  I was thinking I'd wait until I get a few more projects quilted, but then I remembered I had purchased a walking foot for my Featherweight.  I'd like to do big quilts by hand - I miss hand quilting, so the Featherweight is fine for small projects.  I like the fact that I can repair the Featherweight myself.

Even with my wardrobe I'm Starting Over.  All the articles of clothing that are getting threadbare are out the door, and I'm shopping end-of-season clearance.  Normally I only purchase clothing at thrift stores, but I'm finding great prices in retail shops.  Out with all the uncomfortable clothes in my closet!!

I think that's all the news from Allie-land - by deleting facebook from my life, I have SO much more time to peruse blogs, and keep up with everyone.  And the bonus is how much more peaceful my life is.  

I pray your week is peaceful too - 


morning friends

Monday, July 30, 2018

Zoom Zoom

I am pleased to announce that I'm working again - only a few days a week, but test driving again which I love.  You may not see me as much...the lovely thing is, I can stay home and sew as much as I want, but when I get antsy and need a road trip, I get one.  Color me Happy.

I've started the quilting on my Garden of Contentment quilt.  I know, about time, right?

Just simple wavy lines over every seam.  It's bigger than I remembered - lol.  Makes me wonder how I ever did a queen size!

My shift starts at 5am, which is surprisingly hard.  My body has always been wired for the night shift - but I really don't want to drive in the dark for my full shift, which I would in winter, so I chose the a.m. shift.  I get up around 2am, as I need like a lot of time to wake up.  Fortunately, the shop is only 6 minutes from my house!

I've drawn up a couple of new designs, one for a wall or baby quilt, can't wait to start it - just have to wait for the funds to get the fabric I need.  The other, I'll need more fusible interfacing.  Gosh my supplies are low!  Meanwhile, I'll concentrate on my Garden, and git 'er done.

I'll see you soon - if I can resolve my router problems!  I'm not able to stay connected to wifi for more than a few minutes right now!


Monday, July 23, 2018

Good Morning Sunshine!

For many years now (we've both lost track), my best friend will call me day or night and greet me with "good morning, sunshine!"  I can hear the smile in her voice as she says it, and she always makes my day.  I simply had to turn it into a little quilt!  What a treasure she is.

Simple fusible applique, easy embroidery stitches, because that's what I love.  I outlined everything in black to make it pop, especially since I used a vintage sheet for the background.  I love using vintage sheets, but they're not easy to stitch through!

Oh no - looks like I got a little dust on my quilt!!!

You can make your own sunshine by popping over to my shop for instant download - 

I mostly spent the weekend stitching.  Normally, I like to clean up after every project, because in the frenzy of creating I make a mess.  But this time I went right from one project to another.  Guess what I'll be doing today???

What you can't tell from this picture is that nothing is where it should be, and I have to move things to put my coffee cup down.  Plus the cobwebs and dust!!!!  I need a good tidy and deep clean!

I did finish block 3 from my birds quilt.

Not real happy with his eye - might have to change that.  I started this at my son's house, I should be finishing block 4 but golly, sometimes ideas demand completion!

Today is a lovely cool day, I'm actually wearing a hoodie to start.  Better get cleaning before it warms up.....
See you soon!


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

New Free Design

Just a quick post before my eye appointment - yesterday, I finished up a quick little free design for you.

Happy Day is available in my shop for free here:

Obviously, I can't get enough birds lately, lol.  This one didn't make the cut on the latest design I'm working on.  I used fusible applique, and straight line stitching with my walking foot by machine.  Which is now my favorite way to make something that won't get washed a lot!  I'm no good at free-motion stitching, but the walking foot works GREAT.  This could also be made by hand, with blanket stitch and hand embroidery, or completely with embroidery!

Our friendly coyote is terrorizing the deer population, yesterday he was hunting 6 bucks!  In the afternoon, no less!

It's a regular Wild Kingdom out there!  (Anybody remember that show?  Or am I dating myself!)

Ok, off to get new glasses so I don't have to zoom with my camera to see what's out there....

See ya soon!!


Friday, July 13, 2018


Isn't "home" one of the sweetest words?  I'm back from my son's, been home all week, but too busy to blog.  Too busy even to stitch much!!

This is only block 3.  I got no stitching done at my son's house, just couldn't get comfortable and it was killing my neck.  So I read lots of books as it was so stinkin' hot - we stayed close to home!  We did go to the church where my mom and dad were married, back in 1963 when I was 4.

I was two when my birth father died, and 17 when my adopted dad died.  Mum is one of the strongest women I know.

We also spent a lot of time eating ice cream - I had it for dinner twice.  One day we went to what was touted as the best ice cream place in the city, and it was good, they had an old telephone booth outside with Superman in it.  You can't see the suit hanging behind him...

Mom had some too, a big waffle cone filled with Moose Tracks, then later that night I had some ice cream at the house.  I told her she couldn't have any more as she IS diabetic - when I went to bed, I was almost asleep when I heard the tink tink of a spoon hitting a bowl.  You know that sound when you're scraping up the last of the runny stuff?  Yep.  She was very naughty, waiting til I went to bed!!!

We did go there to spend time with John's kitty, Sophie - 

She spent most of her time either on top of my mom or me, and also in my sewing bag!

That bag had my pillow in it that I use for hand stitching.  No wonder I got nothing done.

I took a pic of a tile in John's shower, I could see a quilt pattern here....

Love it.

I was a little bit upset with myself after eating all that ice cream last week.  I'd gone a couple of weeks ago to get new glasses, and since my vision fluctuates during the day the doctor wanted me to get tested for diabetes.  I had my physical this past Tuesday.  No diabetes, all blood work is great, and I'm healthy.

  HOWEVER.  I got the shock of my life - I've always been 5'8, ever since I was 18.  Tall and slender, wasn't able to get over 110lbs until I hit menopause.  

Well.  They measured me at 5'5.  Somehow I lost three inches just walking in the door!!!!!  I did measure myself at home, and they're right!  How does someone lose three inches??  I've called my old doctor, who is requesting my records, to make sure I'm not nuts.  The new doctor didn't seem to believe that I really was 5''s on my driver's license, which doesn't prove anything, but we'll see what my old records say!

But that wasn't all.  I now weigh 170lbs.  I didn't weigh that much when I was 9 months pregnant with my boys.  The diet started yesterday, a whole new way of eating, and the exercise started the day before!  Wow am I sore today.  We'll see how I do, I'm determined to never have to have another diabetes scare!

Last bit of news, two days in a row I've seen a huge coyote in my back yard.  I've spread the word around the neighbors, to watch their children and pets.  I'm not sad about it, the deer are taking over, as are the bunnies and squirrels.  We'd like to have a garden someday!  Just have to be careful.

That's about it, I have a busy weekend coming up, I hope you all have a great weekend and find some time to enjoy doing the things you love!!!!!

See you soon!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Almost Ready

Hi everyone!  Looks like google has maybe fixed the blogger problem, we'll see - an awful lot of folks still aren't getting notified of comments. 

I'm going to add random Disney-esque wildlife shots, not much stitching to share.  Tomorrow, I'll be driving my oldest child to the airport, where he'll head off for Dallas for his birthday.  Still can't believe I won't see my baby on his birthday.  Mum and I are going to stay at his house while he's gone, to baby-sit his kitty Sophie, so be prepared for lots of kitty pics.

I've been packing up and preparing.  I have to take my own French press, the child has not bought a coffee pot.  The horror.  I don't know my own name without that first cuppa.

Oh the sniffs you can sniff!!!!!

I have been fusing pieces for my birds, I'd love to be able to just sit and stitch.

All the birds and branches are fused and cut out, just need to cut out all those leaves (what was I thinking?) before I can start fusing everything to the backgrounds.  I may not get that done before I leave, in which case I'll have to lug my iron over there.  He has my ironing board, but no iron.

I'll figure out the piecing part when I get back.

I'm going to miss seeing all the wildlife.  Wait, maybe not - I'll have a wild kitty to take care of.  

I'm also bringing a whole bunch of books.  Mom will have charge of the remote, as I can't stand to watch tv, but we're also planning to run around town.  It's over where she grew up, and she loves to re-visit her old haunts.

I probably won't blog, but will be able to read blogs, yay!  Not many chores to be done, lol.  We're going to take it easy, do what we want, stay up all night if we want.  Now watch, I'll be up before the sun every day.

Y'all take it easy, make something lovely, and enjoy your week.  I'll see you soon.



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