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Friday, October 12, 2018

Who Left The Fridge Door Open???

Autumn is officially here, and with it, cooler temps...I don't like it.  I love the colors of the trees, but I can do without the cold!

This is one of the stops on my route - you can just see one tree turning behind the others.

Up north, it's a riot of color.  Some trees down here have already lost their leaves - *sob*

I managed to get to ONE garage sale this season.  But oh, look what I found!!!!

This table is massive.  It has two drawers on each side, and it's on wheels, and it's solid wood.  It's almost as high as my waist.  It's my new cutting table!!  The guy wanted $100 for it, but I talked him down to $40...

Here it is with a chair in front of it, so you can see how high it is.

I might have to get a bar stool so I can sit at it as well.

GREAT for pinning quilts!!

No aching back.  That's one of the quilts that I'll be hand quilting this winter.  I found three, all vintage, all pieced by hand....I need to clean out my totes more often.

I also pulled out an old UFO, I believe it's from 2012 - a Homespun stitch-a-long.

This is only the second block!  Yes Wendy-girl, I'll finish it someday, lol - Wendy very kindly sent me the Homespun issue with the first block.  I love this project, it's the only one I've ever bought the floss for, following the designer's colors.

Ellen sent me some of the stripe for my pillows that she had left over - 

Thank you so much Ellen, it's renewed my determination to get these made!  I can't wait to get started now!  I love that it's on the diagonal!

For those of you that have unsaved family members, I want to give you a word of encouragement.  Thursday evening, we had a Celebration of Life for my cousin.  He died the week before.  At the party, his son told me that he had accepted Christ 3 weeks before he died - it is never too late, don't ever give up praying!  As soon as we heard he was sick, that was the one big prayer we had for him.  Thank you Lord, we know he's safely with Jesus now!!  Don't. Give. Up.

Oddly enough, that night it was so warm, I had to wear a sleeveless top - and now we have this.

No wonder so many folks get sick this time of year!

I'll leave you with an astonishingly large spider web I spotted in a tree outside my sewing room window - I thought it was a clear plastic plate at first.

I do not want to meet whatever made that in the dark!

Be well, be happy....


Thursday, September 27, 2018

Catching Up

Just came off three days of work, so I'm catching up on emails - Ellen, thank you for your lovely comment, could you please email me?  Your email wasn't attached to your comment.  My email is

It's also serious housecleaning day - wow what happens around here in three days is a crime, or should be, lol!  That's it from me today!!!!


Sunday, September 23, 2018


Bumper crop of Black-eyed Susans this year

It's a busy season in Allie-ville right now - can't exactly tell you why.  I was going to do a blog post a week ago, but my card reader died, couldn't get the pictures off my camera!  Fortunately they don't cost much, and Amazon had one just for me.

Anybody know what bird this is?  They were everywhere the other day.

All the critters are frantically running around, gathering for winter.  We had a most unusual heat wave, and in one day the temps dropped almost 30 degrees, now we're definitely in autumn.  Time to find all the jackets.

I finished up my Garden of Contentment, doing the binding while watching the coverage of Hurricane Florence and praying for all in the path.

I don't watch cable, they're far too dramatic for me.  I don't even have cable.  Not sure why the binding on this took me so long, my heart just wasn't in it....but it's done, and I love it.

Someday I'll hang it up.  The walls in this house are plaster, so I've been very slow to hang anything - just utilized the holes already in the walls.

I did pull some very old fabric that I want to use to make couch pillows.

I'll cut the panels and use a matching red for the backs.  I wish there was more of the stripe, there's not enough to go around all four.

I picked up mum the other day, and spent a little time with her, she seemed to be really rambling - and when I got home, I thought it over.  I think she's alone too much.  Our friend Shirley, who just lost her oldest daughter, is also alone too much - as is my best friend.  I decided to do something about it.  I rearranged my sewing room, into more of a sitting room, and I'm going to start having teas for us.  We can sit and visit, or work on projects, and just socialize.  Maybe I can come up with projects for us to work on.  I can't wait....

Shasta from High Road Quilter sent me a lovely ATC that she made.

I love it.  I want to get a tiny frame to put it in.  Thank you Shasta!!!  She has been a good friend and I will treasure this.

So that's about all for me today, I'm doing more reading than stitching lately.....maybe as the cooler weather draws in I'll get my mojo back.  Always good to have the iron on all day when it's chilly, lol.  Take care my friends, and enjoy whatever season you're in...see you soon!


Saturday, September 8, 2018

Slow Saturday

Good morning everyone - I finally got to sleep in on a Saturday!!  No work today.

I've uploaded a new free pattern for you, I haven't stitched it's a Scripture pattern.

I'm still really enjoying drawing, but not so much stitching.  The pattern is for the design instructions.  The design size is 7" x 9 1/2", although you can enlarge [for applique] or shrink it.  I hope you like it.

Available in my shop for instant download:  

I absolutely love this verse.  It reminds me that not only has God promised to never again destroy the earth with a flood, if floods do come (and they do, don't they - ) we'll not be overwhelmed.  We are safe in the ark which is Christ Jesus.  No matter what kind of storm rages around me, I am in Him and He has promised to keep me.

Not a whole lot has been happening.  Last week, I had to work on Labor Day, so we had a party on the Sunday before.  Saturday night before the party, we lost power - all that food in my fridge!!  Hubby plugged in the generator, and Sunday morning I called off the party - the temps were going to be in the 90's F, and the humidity was through the roof.  My aunt talked me into moving the party from 2pm to noon, and since the house was still fairly cool, we got started.  Just as everyone got here, the power came back - linemen are my heroes!!!

It's been so humid - this was my view one morning out my sewing room windows.

It wasn't raining - that was how humid it was.  The a/c was on in the house, all the condensation was outside!

Our friendly coyote is still hanging around, terrorizing the wildlife.

I look for him every morning when I leave for work, in the dark.....*shudder*

I'm still battling spiders - it's that time of year.  My decorating style has gone from Pleasantly Cluttered to Hotel Lobby.  I want nothing extra laying around.  You wouldn't believe how fast these things build webs....the quicker I can run the vacuum around, the better.  My stretchy vacuum hose is my new best friend.

That's it from me for now - be happy, be blessed!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Starting Over

morning sun 

Good morning!  Don't you love the sunrise?  So much of my life went by without ever seeing it....boy, now I am.  I guess I'm making up for lost time, getting up at 2am.  Not that long ago, that was my bedtime!

So, my blog title is Starting Over....and in many ways, I am.  I've deleted my facebook accounts, both my personal page and business page.  Blogging is my only form of social media now.  I don't watch tv, and relied on facebook for news, following both national, international and local news there.  But you know, I didn't like the affect it was having on me....people on facebook get very judgemental (without having all the facts) and my local news was getting into the act, asking opinions on different events, like should someone go to jail - really?  It seems nobody gets a trial by peers in a courtroom anymore.  It was getting to me, and I was stressing out over it all, so bye-bye.

MUCH happier now.

Starting Over also has to do with my new job.  I'm really enjoying it, not so much the hours but the job itself is fine.  I worked 3 days last week, and by the time I got off work Saturday I was exhausted, going to bed at 4pm.  I'll get used to it, lol.

And now for the quilty part.  I've come to realize that my tastes are changing again, I have some ideas for quilts I want to make, and for some reason always see them in autumn colors, kind of primitive.  I'd like to start collecting Kim Diehl fabrics - her colors just glow - although my latest idea for a crib-size quilt uses rainbow fabrics.  I just got my background fabric from the FatQuarterShop.

It's Moda Marbles, Baby Blue.  Pretty!!

I finally got my new glasses, only took them 3 doctors and two tries to get them right.  No pics.

I started attaching the binding on my Garden of Contentment quilt.


I'm Starting Over with my sewing machines also.  I've retired my Viking, it needs work and I just can't afford it right now.  I was thinking I'd wait until I get a few more projects quilted, but then I remembered I had purchased a walking foot for my Featherweight.  I'd like to do big quilts by hand - I miss hand quilting, so the Featherweight is fine for small projects.  I like the fact that I can repair the Featherweight myself.

Even with my wardrobe I'm Starting Over.  All the articles of clothing that are getting threadbare are out the door, and I'm shopping end-of-season clearance.  Normally I only purchase clothing at thrift stores, but I'm finding great prices in retail shops.  Out with all the uncomfortable clothes in my closet!!

I think that's all the news from Allie-land - by deleting facebook from my life, I have SO much more time to peruse blogs, and keep up with everyone.  And the bonus is how much more peaceful my life is.  

I pray your week is peaceful too - 


morning friends


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