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What a sweet happy life it is!

Friday, July 13, 2018


Isn't "home" one of the sweetest words?  I'm back from my son's, been home all week, but too busy to blog.  Too busy even to stitch much!!

This is only block 3.  I got no stitching done at my son's house, just couldn't get comfortable and it was killing my neck.  So I read lots of books as it was so stinkin' hot - we stayed close to home!  We did go to the church where my mom and dad were married, back in 1963 when I was 4.

I was two when my birth father died, and 17 when my adopted dad died.  Mum is one of the strongest women I know.

We also spent a lot of time eating ice cream - I had it for dinner twice.  One day we went to what was touted as the best ice cream place in the city, and it was good, they had an old telephone booth outside with Superman in it.  You can't see the suit hanging behind him...

Mom had some too, a big waffle cone filled with Moose Tracks, then later that night I had some ice cream at the house.  I told her she couldn't have any more as she IS diabetic - when I went to bed, I was almost asleep when I heard the tink tink of a spoon hitting a bowl.  You know that sound when you're scraping up the last of the runny stuff?  Yep.  She was very naughty, waiting til I went to bed!!!

We did go there to spend time with John's kitty, Sophie - 

She spent most of her time either on top of my mom or me, and also in my sewing bag!

That bag had my pillow in it that I use for hand stitching.  No wonder I got nothing done.

I took a pic of a tile in John's shower, I could see a quilt pattern here....

Love it.

I was a little bit upset with myself after eating all that ice cream last week.  I'd gone a couple of weeks ago to get new glasses, and since my vision fluctuates during the day the doctor wanted me to get tested for diabetes.  I had my physical this past Tuesday.  No diabetes, all blood work is great, and I'm healthy.

  HOWEVER.  I got the shock of my life - I've always been 5'8, ever since I was 18.  Tall and slender, wasn't able to get over 110lbs until I hit menopause.  

Well.  They measured me at 5'5.  Somehow I lost three inches just walking in the door!!!!!  I did measure myself at home, and they're right!  How does someone lose three inches??  I've called my old doctor, who is requesting my records, to make sure I'm not nuts.  The new doctor didn't seem to believe that I really was 5''s on my driver's license, which doesn't prove anything, but we'll see what my old records say!

But that wasn't all.  I now weigh 170lbs.  I didn't weigh that much when I was 9 months pregnant with my boys.  The diet started yesterday, a whole new way of eating, and the exercise started the day before!  Wow am I sore today.  We'll see how I do, I'm determined to never have to have another diabetes scare!

Last bit of news, two days in a row I've seen a huge coyote in my back yard.  I've spread the word around the neighbors, to watch their children and pets.  I'm not sad about it, the deer are taking over, as are the bunnies and squirrels.  We'd like to have a garden someday!  Just have to be careful.

That's about it, I have a busy weekend coming up, I hope you all have a great weekend and find some time to enjoy doing the things you love!!!!!

See you soon!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Almost Ready

Hi everyone!  Looks like google has maybe fixed the blogger problem, we'll see - an awful lot of folks still aren't getting notified of comments. 

I'm going to add random Disney-esque wildlife shots, not much stitching to share.  Tomorrow, I'll be driving my oldest child to the airport, where he'll head off for Dallas for his birthday.  Still can't believe I won't see my baby on his birthday.  Mum and I are going to stay at his house while he's gone, to baby-sit his kitty Sophie, so be prepared for lots of kitty pics.

I've been packing up and preparing.  I have to take my own French press, the child has not bought a coffee pot.  The horror.  I don't know my own name without that first cuppa.

Oh the sniffs you can sniff!!!!!

I have been fusing pieces for my birds, I'd love to be able to just sit and stitch.

All the birds and branches are fused and cut out, just need to cut out all those leaves (what was I thinking?) before I can start fusing everything to the backgrounds.  I may not get that done before I leave, in which case I'll have to lug my iron over there.  He has my ironing board, but no iron.

I'll figure out the piecing part when I get back.

I'm going to miss seeing all the wildlife.  Wait, maybe not - I'll have a wild kitty to take care of.  

I'm also bringing a whole bunch of books.  Mom will have charge of the remote, as I can't stand to watch tv, but we're also planning to run around town.  It's over where she grew up, and she loves to re-visit her old haunts.

I probably won't blog, but will be able to read blogs, yay!  Not many chores to be done, lol.  We're going to take it easy, do what we want, stay up all night if we want.  Now watch, I'll be up before the sun every day.

Y'all take it easy, make something lovely, and enjoy your week.  I'll see you soon.


Friday, June 15, 2018

Odd Moments

Lately I feel liked I've been sucked into the busy machine.  Getting my stitching fix in odd moments, never being able to just relax and stitch.  Sitting on the edge of my seat instead of leaning back and putting my feet up....always ready to jump up and do the next thing.

This morning I was able to take a minute and enjoy seeing my Oriental Lily grow.  On sunny days, you could swear it grows an inch!

Yesterday we got a new internet provider, so cable guys here for a few hours.  The modem is now in the garage - hubby sits out there on his iPad, and it's right next to my sewing room.  My wifi is incredibly fast now.  We spent the evening boring holes above the door, so that Sam's ethernet cable could be routed out there, and now I have no blue cable running over my floors!!!  SO happy.

My printer died last week, and my oldest son brought me an extra.  Wowzers what an extra.  It's wireless, and does it all so fast!!

You can even print from your phone!!!  Technology is amazing.

I've almost finished stitching my first block of my new pattern, no clue what to call it yet - 

Just two more leaves to stitch.  I've already traced block two, that yellow dot fabric will be the bird.

And I've assembled a large pile of green scraps for all the leaves.  These blocks have a lot of leaves.  I'm pretty much settled on how the layout of the blocks will be, but not sure what else I'll add to it.  Maybe some wonky flying geese, maybe some birds-in-the-air blocks, maybe hst's.  It's going to be wonky and not perfect - I don't do perfect.

I'm using a lot of the scraps that Karen sent to me from her Garden of Contentment quilt.  Gosh I love scrappy quilts!!!  I must admit, this quilt has me wishing I wasn't allergic to wool, as I can picture it done in wools.  

That's enough playing for me - the busy machine is getting ready to suck me in again, and probably chew me up and spit me out before the day is over.  It's a mum day, plus I have books on hold at the library and I have to return the modem to the old cable company.  Oh, and stop at the eye doctor to see if they take our insurance.  If I see something in the backyard that I can't make out, I get my camera, put it on full zoom, and take a picture.  Time for new glasses, lol!!!

See you soon - OH - blogger still isn't sending comments, so I'm commenting on my own post as soon as I hit publish, and checking that little box that says "send me emails of new comments".  I then get the comments in email, but they ALL come in as no-reply - so if you've ever had an email from me, I can reply to you as google stores your addy in my gmail, otherwise I can't.  Let's hope that google fixes this soon.  If you have a blogger blog and would like to complain, I encourage you to post on this post in the forum - 
Blogger Forum

The more voices the better.

See you soon, have a great weekend!!


Sunday, June 10, 2018


A very happy Sunday to you all - woke very early this morning and thought I'd play catch-up.  I've been avoiding blogging because of the huge email debacle, but I miss it.  I have turned off comments for this post, however - and probably will continue to do so until this mess is straightened out.

I've been playing with birds, and have reached the stage where I'm going to choose fabrics.  But I couldn't decide whether to make my leaves varying shades of green, or make it truly scrappy with leaves of all colors!  So I had the bright idea to make the blocks really small, and color them in.

My printer, which was working great the day before, finally decided it was time to die.  You can't make patterns without a printer and scanner - at least, I can't - so after hours of playing with it, I contemplated giving it all up.  Yep, I was that frustrated.  Fortunately, my son has an extra printer/scanner, which has the benefit of being wireless, and he's bringing it today!  Yippee!

Not a lot else has been going on.  I've been on fawn-watch, and now bunny-watch - so many young ones chasing each other around the yard.  No pictures of those, they're way too fast!

All you can see are ear tips!
My what long legs you have!

The jasmine is blooming in the driveway island.

Funny thing though - last year, you could smell it a block away, and this year it has no scent.  Anybody know why?

I was trying to put a phone number into my mother's flip phone, and really struggling.  All those double-duty I showed her my Android, how easy it was to do things, and she liked it.

I'm almost afraid to let her loose on one though, it would have to be VERY basic to keep her from visiting the wrong places on the internet by accident!  

Well I hope you are all enjoying the tail end of the weekend, I'll see you soon and maybe google will fix blogger - we can hope.  I really, really don't want to move to WordPress!


Tuesday, May 29, 2018

OOPS and OOPS some more....

Well I'm an idiot.  I freely admit it.  I had used the wrong stitchery file on my Freedom's been corrected, and if you downloaded it you should get a notice to download the corrected file.

If you don't get a notice, here's the direct link - 
Freedom free pattern on craftsy.  Just download it again and it'll be the correct one.

Apparently I didn't drink enough coffee that day.  So sorry!!!!!!!!  Thank you so much Robin!!!!

About the blog comments disappearing into the ether, this is a very good blog post I read on the subject by Just Let Me Quilt.  Click on the name.  I tried moving to moderated comments to see if that helped, and it did not.  She suggests when you write a blog post, immediately comment on your own post, and check the "send me emails" for all comments.  I'm going to try that right now.

I think it's time for a nap....

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Not Happy

Hi everyone, a quick note to say that I'm really not happy with blogger right now, more than half the comments are not coming to my email inbox.  And some aren't even showing up on the blog.  I had to check the "comments" tab on my dashboard and was horrified.  I hate missing comments....if you have commented and haven't heard from me, either you're a no-reply blogger or I just didn't see it, thanks to blogger.

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend - I'm off to enjoy my brother's birthday party!


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