Monday, October 13, 2014

Let The Auditions Begin....

DSC03083    2

So.  It's been 6 months since I've seen my stash.  And I'm working on two quilts.  It all had to come out today - boy did I find some treasures!  But do you know how hard it is to pull fabrics for two different quilts at the same time?  I kept getting my color schemes mixed up.  I do have a one-track mind, it derails constantly.

Guess what my youngest, Sam, got over the weekend?   His very first car, in his own name!!!

DSC03073    2

And it's just like mine, lol!!  But nicer - it has cloth seats, they're ever so much more comfortable than my leather ones.  No roof rack [not that I've ever used mine] and no push bar YET - it'll be here soon, ebay was most accommodating.

DSC03077    2

He's really happy, although he doesn't look it in the pic.  This car will get him through the winter just fine.  They had to go to Missouri to pick it up - 30 hours of no sleep, I remember those days!  Why we buy cars from other states is beyond me, you'd think the Motor City had none at all.  Our first Rav was from Ohio, John's first car was from New Jersey, his second from Chicago, the van from Illinois, and I don't remember the other 4.  Yes, we have 8 various states of repair.  I. don't. know. why.

Ok, back to putting the stash away - I have a huge pile of fabric to sort through tomorrow, when I can actually see the colors!  Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fridge Art For Quilters - A How-To

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When my boys were small, they were very artistic.  My refrigerator was covered with their artwork, along with those dumb magnetic letters and numbers you get at the dollar store - which fell off every time you tried to get some milk.  They're grown now, and the only thing up there is a grocery list,  a few magnetic business cards, and a pizza menu.  BO-O-O-O-RING!!!!!

Since I was at my aunt's overnight, I decided to use her fridge to show you how to spruce the place up for grown-ups!  It is so easy, with so few supplies, to let your light shine and show everyone what you can do with needle and thread.  Shall we start?  Here's what you need:

DSC03032    2

  • a quilt that will fit on your fridge
  • adhesive magnetic tape [available at Walmart]
  • scissors
Yep, that's it.  Turn your quilt over thusly -

DSC03035    2

measure it against your quilt under the top binding -

DSC03039    2

cut  -

DSC03041     2

peel off the paper from the magnetic tape -

DSC03044     2

and press it firmly, adhesive side toward the quilt, right under the binding.

DSC03047     2

And just like that, you're ready to take your fridge from boring

DSC03049    2

to the envy of all the other appliances!!

DSC03050     2

Top or bottom, it doesn't matter!

DSC03062    2

But Allie, you say, I don't have a fridge like that - mine is a side by side.  NO PROBLEM.  Measure the space, and make a quilt to fit!  I happen to have a side by side myself, and I'm thinking of the small quilts I have that would fit perfectly.  A skinny table runner would be awesome.  It doesn't have to fit the whole space, just put up one [or two or three] and give your kitchen some color and life - a fridge that isn't embellished with quilts is just wasted real estate!

By the way, I made sure to bring this quilt home with me, much to my aunt's chagrin - she thought it looked wonderful there and wasn't going to remind me to take it.  Maybe I'll have to make her one!

My name is Snickers and I approved this post.
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Sunday, October 5, 2014

It's Here!

Day 1 of Jenny's gorgeous 5 day Holiday Hostess Table Topper -

This is going to be gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Live A Little Is Here!

Uploaded to my craftsy shop now - Live A Little, free pattern!

live a little

Oh I'm so happy to have this one done and dusted.  To think that I started it in April....and yet, you could probably make this in one day....sigh.  Still, it's done, it's cheering up my sewing room, and reminding me to have a little fun!  I hope you enjoy it, and if you make it, you know I would love to see a picture!

If you haven't joined up with craftsy yet, why not?  It's all free - and you have access to online classes, free and paid patterns, and your downloads stay in your history forever.  If you have a computer crash, you can just log into your account and download them again!  I love craftsy so much, can you tell?

I was browsing my photos on flickr the other night, and found something rather interesting - apparently flickr has transported me to the future!  One of my pictures had this date -

really flickr

Really, flickr?  Made me laugh!  None of my other pics had the wrong date.

Things are progressing on our street, the guys were out working in the monsoon today, fortunately it's still warm!  Things are progressing with mum too, I talked to her this morning and she's doing SO well.  I'm thanking God today for the excellent medical team at Crittenton Hospital in Rochester!

Be well today, and enjoy your weekend - I'm off to work on the next pattern, which MIGHT become a BOM - we'll see!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Finish, And A Conundrum

How in the world does all of this -

DSC02982     2

fit on this?

DSC02983     2

Well, at least it DID fit...until I took it off.  Couldn't get it all back on to save my life.  I might need to finish a few projects.  [Please disregard the dust - I haven't been home for six months!]

But hey, I did finish a project!!!!  One of the happiest quilts I've ever's a solid fave at my house.

DSC02998     2

I am so in love with this little quilt.

DSC02985     2

I adore outline quilting by hand - very relaxing!

DSC03001     2

I started this quilt back in April of this year.  It has changed a bit from the original design, and I couldn't love it more.  I can't believe it took me so long but I did have some distractions...and then, I had to hand quilt it because I was at my aunt's with no sewing machine!

If you love it too, it'll be a free download in my craftsy shop later this week, I'll let you know when.  I'm writing the pattern now.

I've had a lot of company while I've been working on it.  Apparently we're getting all new water mains and culverts on our street -

DSC03003     2

I don't think my neighbor is getting into his driveway tonight....

DSC03004     2

The mailman had to come back, and then hand me my mail.  I can just imagine what the street is going to look like with all the rain we've got coming!

DSC03005     2

Off to brew a fresh pot of coffee and do some writing!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Quilter's Showcase 2014 [picture heavy post]

My friend Cathy and I went to the quilt show today, it was a gorgeous day, and the quilt show was lovely.  Not as big as we'd hoped, but it was nice and Cathy didn't have any trouble finding purchases.  Unfortunately, I didn't bring my good camera, and my phone's sd card filled up before I was done - had to borrow Cathy's, she'll send me the rest of the pics, but here's some wonderful quilts we saw.  The pic of the quilt is first, then the quiltmaker info underneath.

20140927_142656     2
20140927_142705     2

20140927_142217     2
20140927_142225     2

20140927_142112     2
20140927_142124     2
20140927_142119     2
This was beautifully hand quilted.

This one was amazing, so much applique!

20140927_142004     2
20140927_142016     2
20140927_142030     2

Judge's Choice, beautifully hand quilted.

20140927_141822     2
20140927_141833     2

20140927_141653     2
20140927_141700     2

20140927_141537     2
20140927_141601     2
20140927_141551     2

This one was wonderful - read the story.

20140927_141356     22
20140927_141356     2
20140927_141408     2

20140927_141307     2
20140927_141322     2

Amazing basket quilt.
20140927_140936     2
20140927_140950     2

20140927_140851     2
20140927_140902     2

20140927_140441     2
20140927_140456     2

There are more, but I think this post is long enough.  I was delighted with the number of quilts that were hand quilted, and embroidered.  After all that shopping and looking, we were getting pretty hungry, so off we went to Tony's restaurant....if you've never been there, it's a treat.  Hamburgers come with a pound of bacon on them.  Yes, a POUND.  I had the Belgian pancakes, Cathy had the French toast, and we had a side order of bacon....

2014-09-27 15.41.04    2
2014-09-27 15.41.11    2

...which was also a pound of bacon.  We boxed it up to go but I forgot the box!!!  My boys were not happy with me.

Hope you enjoyed the show, wish you could have been there!

[And no, we did NOT finish our food, lol!!!]


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