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Friday, April 21, 2017

I Can Do It

Jenny wrote the neatest post - you'll have to go read it.  I've been feeling very melancholy lately, and she reminded me how much exercise will do for you - not just physically, but mentally.  You know, in the last year of moving and taking care of mum, I'd forgotten!

I've developed some bad habits.

Made a chocolate cake last night [no, I didn't eat that much by myself], and spend far too much time doing this - 

especially late at night.  No wonder I feel like a slug, and am depressed!!

Last week, when we moved mum home, we moved my exercise bike into the sewing room.

Where it's gathering dust.  Along with my dumbbells, [little ones], I'm determined to start releasing endorphins and getting in shape.

I'm 5'8, and can carry a bit of extra, but I don't feel good when I do.  I especially carry it in my belly, and that's dangerous for diabetes risk.  Mum has diabetes, I sure don't want it!

For some reason, when we bought this house, I thought for sure I'd lose weight just cleaning it - it's double the size of the old one.  Ahem, that didn't happen.

So if I'm going to sit a lot stitching [and reading], then I need to get more active somehow.  I can't walk very well, or very far, so the bike it is.  I have no idea how much I weigh, nor do I care, it's how my clothes fit that I go by.  And how I feel. I've pulled out my Lucy dvd's, I'll work my way to fitness one episode at a time!

I've made a start on my Postcards From Heaven, trimming them up in preparation for turning them into a wall quilt.  I hope I have enough red fabric.

Ooh I can't wait to see this one on the wall!!!!  I didn't leave much room for error, I'm cutting them 3/8th inch away from the stitched outer line.  That's because I used too small of a piece for the first few - sigh.  OOPS.

Ok, time to go ride like the wind Bullseye [we used to love Toy Story].  Actually, I'll be more like creaking in the wind.....*snort*  See ya soon!


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tonight's The Night

Yep, it is.  Tonight I'm getting caught up on blogs.  I never made it last week - mom, during her first week home, fell 3 times, and we ended up at the emergency room Friday night.  I think they CT scanned every inch of her.  We were there til 4am.  She's fine, quite bruised and swollen, and has a cut on her back where she slid against a nail or something...but she's fine.

All weekend I planned on reading blogs.  However, it was "do the taxes!" weekend, and although hubby finally unearthed his computer, it wouldn't boot up.  Of course.  He used mine.

I was so busy catching up on sleep, I didn't get much done - but today I got up at (gasp) 5:30am, and finished my "Bluebell" quilt!

I think mom's going to really love it.  Well, it's not a surprise, she already does, lol....but she doesn't know it's for her.  If you'd like to make one too, you can get it here:

I used a facing instead of a binding, which I love doing for wall quilts - the link to the tutorial is on my "Useful Links" page.

I also made a start on a new pattern - 

This one's going on my fridge - wall space is at a premium in my kitchen.

Tonight, I found out my neighbor has ducks nesting in their lawn.

I have no idea how they're going to mow.  I think we should get together and have the land back there declared a national wetlands.

Another thing that's been taking all my time - my boys got me a new phone for my birthday.  My old Samsung is getting very hot when I talk on it, makes me nervous, so they got me a new Moto G or something.  I LOVE IT.

Goodness, it's big, I get a hand cramp when I play too much Solitaire.  The really awesome part is that I can have all my apps!!  It has so much storage.  My Samsung only has 2 gigs, and I had to delete an app to download another.  Plus, I can read my Kindle very easily on it.  And it takes great pictures, even has professional mode [which I'll never use, lol] so you can do your own settings!  Oh I'm in heaven.  Or I will be, when we activate it - I had pre-paid on my Samsung until May 14th, and they won't give you your money back.  Meanwhile, I have a small device with really fast wi-fi for in the house (giggle).

Ok, that's it - I'm going to go read blogs until I get sleepy.  I think I had too much coffee today.  Can you tell????


Monday, April 10, 2017


I've been offline for a bit, so now it's time to catch up...but I'm not sure I'll be able to catch up with all your blogs!  My reader is exploding.  

It's been a busy couple of weeks.  We've had visitors, who really enjoyed our flowers - 

These two especially are very naughty.

All the crocuses are gone, I have no hope for the daffodils that popped out today.  We don't even know what else might be in those flowerbeds, and may never know.

We've also been getting mum ready to move back home, it's been six months since she's stayed home more than overnight.  She was ready.  She had her last day at cardiac rehab on Friday, got her graduation certificate, and we moved her home on Saturday.

See?  She was ready.  I miss her so much....I have to call her every few hours.

There's even been a bit of sewing.  This - 

became this.

Mom's favorite color of blue - so she's getting it for Mother's Day.  I got it partially quilted today, so it should be done in time!

I've also finished the first block of my longest-running project....

I love it.  Do you know whose address that is??  It's quite a famous one.

Hermione continues to recover, she's back to her old self, and loves the new arrangement in the sewing room.  Feels so OPEN in here now!

We've had a couple of very warm days, 77F today, she was laying in front of the doorwall letting the wind blow through her hair fur.  She did fall off the windowsill yesterday, watching the deer - I'll be discouraging her from getting up there.  

I think that's all the news from here, I have to re-charge my laptop battery and then catch up on all of your blogs - may take awhile, be patient with me!  See ya soon....


Sunday, March 19, 2017

My What A Productive Day!

Well, I wasn't expecting it, but the sun came out I got busy, and had a photo-shoot of my 2 latest patterns.  The forecast said cloudy until Wednesday, so I wasn't prepared, lol!!!  But I got 'em.

Both are older patterns that I've re-made.  First up is Lemon Tree....

Now Jenny and I can be twins - she has the original!  I love this pattern and want to make it in pinks next time, so I can have Pink Lemonade, lol!  The pattern for this includes a complete layout diagram.  It measures 17" x 19 1/2".

Then, as the sun was still cooperating, I got pics of my completed Portholes!

I LOVE them in the hoops!  Not sure why I didn't think of that the first two times I made them...  And of course the crayons just add the perfect touch.  All instructions are included - these measure 7"!

Both are available in my shop, Allie-Oops Designs.

I had quite a scare late Friday night.  My precious kitty, Hermione, started shaking, twisting her back end, it was pitiful - she had a stroke.

She came out of it ok, and I stayed up almost all night, keeping an eye on her and cuddling her.  Normally, she follows me upstairs at bedtime, that night she did not.  She stayed downstairs on her quilt all night.
Saturday she slept most of the day, and seemed a little confused, but she did come upstairs that night and now she seems fine!  I guess she still has 8 lives left...she's back to playing, eating, and all the rest.

I may never recover, lol, but she seems ok....babies and animals, I hate when they're sick, they can't tell you where it hurts!

I think I'll go relax, as I sit here mum is in her chair sleeping, making me sleepy too....have a great week ahead, everyone!


Thursday, March 9, 2017

I Found Spring!!

It may be cold but it's warm in my sewing room - and happy now, lol!  I finished my Tiptoe Through The Tulips!

You may remember I was torn between a red or black border - well, Vicki Knight and Julie suggested on facebook that I use a green one.  I hadn't even considered that!!!   When I auditioned it, it knocked my socks off.  Thank you Vicki and Julie!!!

I've uploaded to craftsy and you can get the instant download here:

What else - we had those high winds yesterday, a million people here lost power, and some won't get it back til Sunday.  We lost our internet for awhile, but thankfully the lights stayed on!  Our neigbor's very large tree came down, JUST missing their house.  They brought in the large equipment and the tree is back upright, with lots of ropes!

I got bored the other day and cut my hair off.  It kept getting stitched into my quilting, and finally I'd had enough.  For some reason, I always forget I have curly hair, so a shoulder-length cut will end up at chin level.  Lesson learned every time, and clean forgotten as well.

I think that's all the news from here.....not a whole lot going on, just waiting [and waiting and waiting] for warm weather.  Oh - one thing I wanted to tell you - you may notice a new picture on my sidebar - 

the Christmas Caroling Row Along!!!  Just like the Road Home Row Along, Marian is putting together this one, and I can't wait.  Lots of give-aways, and free patterns that you can make for Christmas!!!  I'm still deciding on which Christmas carol I'll be depicting, but if you click on the link, you can see several gals have already picked theirs.  This will be SO FUN!!!  I hope you join us!

That's it from me this week, my next goal I've set for myself is to finish my Lemon Tree.  I was hand quilting it, but honestly, hand quilting doesn't love me anymore - my hands are too bad.  I'm going to pull out the small bit of stitching already in it, and take it to the machine.  Can't wait to get it done, it's summery too, and I need that, lol!!!!

See ya soon!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Who Took Spring?

Well, after my last post, we had a week of very warm weather - Friday it was 70F, and then the bottom dropped out - the next day was in the 20's!  Lots of rain, and more coming tonight - so much that my neighbor's yard looks like wetlands.  They now have ducks.

They do not have a pond - just low spots where the water pools.  The deer like it too.

Today is Fat Tuesday.  Around here, we celebrate with Paczkis, pronounced "punch-key".  They're a Polish donut made with lots of sugar, lard, and filling - to use up all the good stuff before Lent.  I'm not Catholic, but I do like paczki's.  When I got up this morning, there was one red raspberry left.

It didn't last long.

I've almost finished my spring tulips pattern - but I need your help!!  I've been staring at it so long my eyes are going crossed.

Forgive the abominable picture - it's raining [again] and my design wall is in the darkest corner.  Sashing is on, I ended up buying some Michael Miller Clown Stripe from, see how much smaller it is compared to the stripe I was putting together?  I like it much better.  Now, borders - maybe?  What do you think?  Does it need a border?  Red or black?  I'm thinking I just might call it done and bind it, but again, red or black?  The plan was to put a red border with black binding, or black border with red binding, but like I said, I'm going cross-eyed.  

Decisions decisions.  Please weigh in with your thoughts!!!  

I'm going to go find some chocolate and hide in a corner.  And then I'm going to go visit some blogs before the storms kick in tonight!



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